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Why Go Private?
How To Join

This PMA (private membership association) is for those interested in the past and future works (new printed books, documentaries, podcasts, and new private clubs)

of Clint > Richard-son -- researcher, writer, filmmaker, radio host and guest.

Why create this private club?

Clint has been publicly canceled, censored, shadow-banned, and generally removed from top search engines to the point where it is no longer viable, reasonable, or affordable to offer his works for free. In order to ensure privacy and after two decades of research, this PMA is designed to keep in the private realm what 
can be and is censored and erased in the public. When one's digital persona
and works can be turned off and relegated to the darkest shadows of the
internet, one must reconsider the means in which one operates and
shares that work. As the Bible projects, we find ourselves today
directly in that beast system, where our identity and digital
persona may be shut off: a frightening, well-laid,
secular Orwellian future is now come to pass. 

The solution?

In a word... Privacy.


 Through the private association of men, a God-given, inherent right protected by law and within the various Masonic constitutions of men, the protected, private actions of men come out from under public laws and scrutiny of the overarching federal nation state incorporation, where men of good conscious that are able to be self-governing may conduct themselves and their private business with each other,
freely and necessarily foreign (private/several) from that national corporate
interest and rule over interstate commerce. The time has come for good
men to become self-governing, self-evident, and self-Existent once
more, and to re-inhabit the once free states and to stop being

dependents in bond and surety to a federal,
commercial person (legal status).

Just as the United States is foreign (private) from all states, and all states are foreign (private) from each other, so too can private men be foreign to the nation state.
This can only be accomplished when private men utilize each other in private association with each other in a special purpose trust (PMA).

The possibilities are endless, as are the charitable and money-saving adventures we can create together, from private co-ops to private townships to private
home-owners associations. Only when good men band together once
more for mutual protection in a spiritual union will good men
be equipped to fight the evils protected by public laws.

Clint's Private Underground is intended to be similar to the underground railroad created in the civil war, or perhaps the French Underground during WW2. Such
significance and comparison will likely not be appreciated or recognized until,
for most people, it will be too late to escape the global Agenda for control,
already organized and incrementally being implemented as a combined,
international, public person-hood. This PMA is designed not only to
provide access to my already censored works, but to provide a
central space and forum for other Private men and
their Associations to come together as one.

Greetings, and welcome to the club!
Click here to join.


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