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Join us and become a Part of Clint's Private Underground

  • Non-Person Member

    Every month
    • All of Clint's past work and banned content in one place
    • Exclusive access to Clint's now private ongoing work
    • Private Underground Members Forum
    • Access to Clint's Private Blog Posts
    • Strawman Audiobook Recordings

Why does Clint charge a membership fee?


As you will come to learn, the legal system is like a lion that must be tamed. The minimal fee I am asking is what is called a consideration, something necessary in agreements. A valuable consideration paid for a service or other form of commerce represents intent and volunteerism, necessary elements in proving either privacy or contractual bond. This fee will be used by Clint as part of his "business of life," or in other words, I will hopefully be able to eat healthy while paying all the bills to keep this website and all it entails open and otherwise free to members to congregate, learn, and share with each other.  This valuable consideration ensures that your agreement is both affirmed and consented to, giving Clint the right to privately act if the member chooses not to break with the rules of membership. It is necessary to prevent trolls and to vet agents with unfriendly or clandestine intentions. If you are unable to afford this token membership fee, please let Clint know.

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